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Kristy Ralston Coaching
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Hi, I am Kristy, a life coach for moms.

I help moms overcome the ”just a mom” label and live their God-given potential. All by helping to nurture their gifts so they become a strong positive role model for their kiddos and future generations!

As a mom I know how hard it is to get time for yourself, but also know the importance of it.  So I strive to keep self development top of mind and coach other moms do the same.

I love getting to help moms discover their beauty and value in the world as they become the best versions of themselves.

There is nothing quite like seeing a strong mom live their version of meaningful life. Now that everything is digital, I am able to reach many more ladies and make more dreams come true.

Indiana Integrative Hypnosis
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Integrative Hypnosis is a multi-dimensional therapeutic model designed to create a unique, individualized healing experience for each client.  Cathy Boone-Black’s holistic approach seamlessly integrates Hypnosis, NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Faster EFT(Tapping) into her own personal and distinctive coaching style.
For over 40 years Cathy has used proven methods to relieve her own stress and to bring harmony and balance into the lives of others allowing them to enjoy richer, fuller lives.