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Cafes in Downtown Indy With PARKING

Hi! I’m Stephanie. A Georgia transplant now location in Indianapolis. One of the biggest learning curves since moving to Indy has been parallel parking. I just CANNOT figure it out for the life of me. I will spend $20 in a parking garage and then walk a mile just to avoid parallel parking. For the longest time, I thought I was alone. But, networking has taught me that I am not. So, for those of you just like me. I have compiled a list of Cafes in Downtown Indy with parking that is not parallel parking. That means cafes with parking lots and cafes with parking spaces on the street that are metered parking.

Books & Brews Mass Ave

cafes in downtown indy with parking - books & brews

Books & Brews Mass Ave has metered Parking spaces right out front. You can also download the Park Mobile app to get notified when your metered parking is running out.

Dry Bones Mud House

cafes in downtown indy with parking - the union 525

Dry Bones Mud House is located inside Union 525. They also have metered Parking spaces right out front. As well as parking lots conveniently located on both sides of the building.

Coat Check Coffee

cafes in downtown indy with parking coat check

Coat Check Coffee is located inside the  Athenaeum  building. Right out front is the evil parallel parking, but just down the street there is some pull in street parking spots. As well as parking lots within a block away.

Neidhammer Coffee

cafes in downtown indy with parking - Neidhammer

Neidhammer Coffee Co has a parking lot right across the street as well as a few parking spaces available behind the building.

These are just a few of the many amazing locally owned coffee shops in downtown Indy! As I learn of more with parking, I will update this list! Do you know of a few you’d love to see added? Email us at use subject “cafes in Downtown Indy with parking”.

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