FB & IG Stories For Small Business Owners

This post was written by Emily Adams

Whether you are trying to build a business, influence people or just connect with more people, Instagram and Facebook stories are amazing tools to use. Utilizing your stories allows you to connect with your followers on a deeper level. Instead of them just reading your post, you can show them who you really are by doing different videos and interacting with them on a daily basis. Your followers are following you for a reason and they want to connect with you and know more about you.  

You can utilize your stories in multiple different ways, from selling, to market research, promoting anything you have in your business or just simply for interacting with your followers and building a connection with them. People like to connect with you even if they never met you in person. 

What do I post on my stories? The quick and short answer, whatever you want! If you have a product or service then promote those and share education around it. Share before and after testimonials, details on the product or service, share how you use it in your life. Show them who you are and what your lifestyle is like, this doesn’t mean that it needs to look perfect! Just show up as your true authentic self and share whatever is on your heart. Don’t get caught up on what to share and how much you need to be on your stories, just show up as your true self at all times and be consistent. 

How do I sell on stories? Before you think, “oh that’s not me I don’t want to sell on my stories,” please hear me out. Selling on your stories isn’t as hard or disgusting as you think it is. I understand it may make you feel uncomfortable at first but be open to the idea and do your research around it. There are so many people that do it in an organic way that you don’t even realize it. The first thing you have to understand when selling on your stories is you can’t sell every day on your stories or people will stop watching your stories. Utilize the 90/10 rule, where you are posting 90% educational things or other content that your followers can benefit from and 10% selling whatever you are offering. If selling on your stories makes you feel uncomfortable look at the big accounts that you follow and I am sure that they sell in some way if you start watching more intentionally you will see it as well. 

Market research is valuable for you as a business owner or even if you are looking to create content for your followers. You can use the different poll options that Instagram uses and it can be shared on Instagram and Facebook stories. The more you interact with your followers the more connected they will feel to you. The polls you post don’t have to be all about your business or the content you are creating but instead they can be fun or whatever you want to get a poll on. The cool thing about the polls is you can see who is interacting in your polls and you can also share the results of your polls so your followers can see the results. It’s all about interaction and connection. The more you interact with your followers the more connected they will feel and that is how you build a relationship with them. 

Having your Instagram and Facebook accounts linked together will save you time when you are posting on your stories or just creating a post since it will share the same messages on both platforms and you don’t have to post it two times. I also batch all my content which makes things easier when it comes to posting on social media. 

Batch content is where you spend a certain amount of time each week planning what you want to share on social media. Set aside an hour at the start of the week, grab your calendar and write down what you want to share and you can share the same message on all social media platforms. This will take away the frustration of what to post each day and it will also help you to not procrastinate when it comes to make a post since everything is already planned out. Another tip I found helpful when I first started using social media was doing a brain dump. I wrote down everything that I wanted to share and kept this list so I could go back at any time I was struggling on what to share and just took something off the list. 

There are so many different strategies you can use to post on social media and honestly it can be overwhelming. I am here to tell you to not overthink it, lead with your heart and post as your true authentic amazing person that you are and you will attract the right audience for you!

Here are some of the features you can use to gain traction on your stories:


Questions offer your audience a chance to engage with you in a more personal setting. Their questions can then be answers privately or you can put their question in a story as well


The poll feature gives your audience the choice between two things. you can ask a question and have them answer Yes or No. or you can have them choose between two specific things.


Challenge is a great one to use if your business is focused on support. From health goals, to business goals, it is a great one to help with motivating others.

And a Bonus IG Story trick for everyone! A quick and easy way to add multiple images to a story. Just add the first image you want, then go to your camera roll, copy the image in your camera roll, go back to your instagram story, and “add sticker” will pop up for you to add the next image.

Let me know what other Instagram / FB features you all would like to see broken down next!

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