The Self Care Push is Becoming Toxic

Hi, as I’m writing this, I am currently living this the nightmare that is 2020. Maybe you are too or maybe you’re reading this from the future where life is better but still agree. Am I the only person who does not feel “refreshed” after a hair cut or a massage? Like, these things don’t magically cure my life problems. And if anything, I spend my time there thinking about all the things I could be actually doing instead.

When the self care push first started, it wasn’t bad. It was nice to be reminded to take care of myself. But, now that the self care push is all about selling and it is just EXHAUSTING. Especially with where we are currently at. Do I have money for a haircut? Do I have money for a massage? Would that money be better spent towards bills or groceries?

Sometimes, I wish the message behind the self care posts was just “do something you love” or a message that didn’t have a sales pitch behind it. Like, go to the library and pick out a new book. Or, spend the day laying on your couch binging a tv show. Honestly, I feel so much better after a day of binging tv than I do after having a “spa day”. Am I the only one? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a spa day or enjoying a pampering day, but the message doesn’t always have to be a sale.

Maybe I’ll make that the message. Let this be the blog that tells you to do what you love as self care. If binging The Office is your self care, then you enjoy that care! And if reading is your jam, go get that free book with your library card. Heck, go borrow a movie from the library! Do something that doesn’t cause you more stress!

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